Mindfulness is a doorway to powerful personal transformation. As a tool for wellness and prevention, mindfulness can shift belief networks in the mind towards less stress and greater success in career and relationships.


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”



What To Expect At Your Visit


Are you a working high performance professional interested in optimal mental focus, better work life balance, or reduced stress? Mindfulness services offered by Dr. Love for wellness and burnout prevention may be of interest.


An initial visit based on referral from your family doctor will review your

current daily biological patterns, mental and emotional habits, and specific goals. After greater understanding, we then review an outcome-based approach to greater well being, with a structured plan and specific focus. 

An initial visit provides the opportunity to see if you can benefit from services offered by Dr. Love.

All visits are booked on a non-urgent basis.




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Psychiatric Consult


A Psychiatric Consult is the first visit to ensure that wellness services are the best fit for you at present.


The Consult is an opportunity to review questions on how to achieve success in your life - in relationships, career, lifestyle, or a sense of purpose. If stress is impacting your sense of mental agility, understanding how to optimize your mind for better performance may be of interest. 

Currently, the consult is not suited to those seeking psychiatric services as currently Dr. Love's psychotherapy practice is full.

Individual Mindfulness


Learn how to re-design the mental maps in your brain to create a life more aligned to your true self, your dream life, and your core sense of happiness and joy. As we move through the ten sessions, you learn more about the science of your brain and nervous system - how the architecture and physics of this intricate biology impacts your daily life and abilities.

The Individual Mindfulness Program is currently only available for wellness clients as other programs are full.

Wellness Science


If your interest is in optimal well being and you do not have a psychiatric disorder, Wellness Science services optimize your lifestyle including the mind body connection, diet, exercise, emotional intelligence, relationships, and a connection to something greater, so that you can achieve greater vitality, energy, and adaptability.


The Wellness Science Program is for clients without a psychiatric diagnosis who desire greater well being and optimal performance.

Due to limited space, only a few spotrs are currently available.


Professional Services

For corporations, Dr. Love offers educational talks and workshops for high performance professionals to (1) discuss the science of mindfulness and how to make your practice individually suited to you, (2) learn how to prevent burnout, (3) address health care provider resilience and wellness, and (4) design wellness planning for work-life balance.

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Talks & Workshops

Dr. Love has spoken to audiences of over 200 people, designed a talk series on the brain aligned with the University of British Columbia, and run workshops for high performance professionals. Educational Talk and Workshop topics include: Mindfulness for Less Stress and Better Sleep, Burnout Prevention, Power of the Mind, and The 7 Key Factors of Wellness Science.

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For those who are interested in wellness education and yoga, Dr. Love has co-led over six retreats in Tofino, Hollyhock, and in the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver. She also designed and co-led educational retreats for professionals at the Homestead Tofino Wellness Centre during its three year development. 


“Before you can change the world around you, you must learn to change the worlds within you. ”


Two Dried Leaves


To request an initial visit, consult with your family doctor.

Dr. Love is currently accepting new referrals.

Have your family doctor contact reception to request a referral form at 604.416.0115.


Contact Chakra

1622 W 7th Avenue, Vancouver BC


Working from Home


For clients requesting a consult, referrals are considered for high performance professionals who are currently working. Clients without a psychiatric diagnosis may choose to pay privately for wellness and prevention.


Clients with a psychiatric diagnosis may be interested in mindfulness-based psychotherapy. If you have a psychiatric diagnoses and are interested in psychotherapy, diagnoses considered for an initial consult are mild anxiety, adjustment disorder, insomnia, or grief reaction. At present, psychotherapy services are not available.


Diagnoses of exclusion and not seen for a consult include: psychosis, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, moderate to severe depression, and Cluster A or B personality disorders, and / or moderate to severe personality disorders. Exclusion criteria includes clients who have a history of harm to self or other, clients who are off work and on disability or considering disability, clients with ongoing legal matters such as ICBC claims or disability or IME requests or related legal matters, unstable housing or finances, a criminal record, a history of violence or aggression towards others, or requiring urgent psychiatric or medical care. Services are available in English only, for adults.

All appointments are on a non-urgent basis. Note that Dr. Love has a limited practice. If you have urgent concerns, please contact your family doctor or nearest hospital.


About Me

I am a wellness consultant and practicing physician. Internationally certified in medicine and yoga, I structure wellness sessions to combine mindfulness, neuroscience, yoga philosophy, and wellness science - based in evidence-based research - to help you optimize your mindset.


In psychotherapy, I use mindfulness and the neuroscience of emotional regulation to reset your ability to transcend challenges.

My passion is to help you create behaviour change to realize your goals. The aim is to anchor you as effortlessly as possible into a new mode of being, energized by your personal spark.

Wishing you the best, always,

Dr. Maia Love




  • Medical Degree | University of British Columbia

  • Psychiatry | University of British Columbia | Canada

  • Mindfulness Certification

  • Awards | BCMJ Authour | BrainTalks at UBC Founder

  • Physics & Biology Degree | University of British Columbia

  • Bachelor of General Studies | Simon Fraser University

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor | Mike Nichols 200 hour | Meghan Currie 200 hour

  • Hot Yoga Certified Instructor | YYoga

  • International Addiction Medicine Certification | ISAM

Two Dried Leaves

Potential Wellness Clients

If you are a working professional without a psychiatric diagnosis and interested in optimal well being on multiple levels, yet struggling with a barrier to success that seems to be a blind spot, I am keen to hear your story. I have a passion for working with individuals who have "done all the things" yet still don't feel optimal. 

In wellness sessions, you can deepen your mindfulness practice, perfect work-life balance, better navigate the architecture of your brain, understand the science of your relationships, and deepen your sense of purpose.

The initial consult is via your family doctor. After this, wellness and prevention services are not covered by MSP, thus are private pay.


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