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A program specifically for physicians
to enhance resilience & prevent stress and burnout.
Wellness and skill building in virtual

sessions, workshops, and groups.

"A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure"

- Henry Kissinger


All About Resilience


Over fifty percent of today's physicians in North America suffer from burnout and reduced quality of life. As well as addressing burnout prevention with work-life balance and organizational renewal, we can leverage cutting edge wellness science and current physician experience into advanced programs. The DIAMOND MD Program combines evidence-based medicine and emerging science to boost your resilience on multiple levels. Recover your vitality and recharge your daily life by learning science-based tools for success.

The Neuroscience of Renewal

Advanced neuroimaging & neuroscience research is sourced to give you expert assessment and recommendation. Mitochondria, astrocytes, and more create the framework for your understanding. We help you recharge your neural framework to re-wire authentic passion & purpose, inherent energy for your life and your work, and mastery of your brainwaves to maximize problem-solving. Based in the science of mindfulness, meditation, and psychotherapy, individual sessions are offered to shift your mental state and perceptions to expand opportunities for success.

Sleep & Body Renewal

Sleep, exercise, response to stress, insights from yoga and a mindful physiology, techniques to embody and maintain motivation for change, nature regeneration, and nutritional approaches are applied to re-design your weekly optimal physical baseline. 

Mind Body Balance

Individual and group sessions tap you into the wisdom of integrating body and mind. Mindfulness, guided meditations, lifestyle re-design, work life balance goal setting and accountability, motivational interviewing, relational skills based in attachment theory, key communication techniques, and cognitive behavioural therapy are sourced to bring your way of living to next-level success.



Remember … the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.



DIAMOND MD gives you the tools to more deeply understand and optimize the following areas:

  • your key source of energy

  • your unique strengths and challenges

  • body + mind + energy assessment and renewal

  • mindfulness + meditation coaching

  • relationship skills + enrichment

  • insight into stress triggers and new response options

  • up-to-date knowledge on the science on stress, resilience, longevity and how this applies to you

  • option to measure your key physiological and psychological metrics

  • option for new approaches to heal attachment patterns

  • action plans to ignite renewal and motivation, and maintain resilience

  • your personalized mindfulness program

  • how to shift to an adaptive stress response in challenging moments

  • happiness in you and in team dynamics

  • a new baseline of your unique vibrant resilience

Program Details:

The DIAMOND MD Program is available in one to one sessions, group sessions, or a wellness workshop for your corporation. The program consists of four wellness sessions designed to increase your intelligence on personal wellness and create an action plan to meet specific goals that are tailored to your current lifestyle and desired outcome. 

In the four sessions, we will cover the following objectives:

1. Review of the physiology of stress, sleep, and how to reset from stress to relaxation and better sleep. Identify key steps, accountability and anticipated outcome to implement in your wellness plan.

2. Review of wellness science related to movement, food, the brain and heart, mindfulness. Learn how to use tools from this emerging science to create success in your daily life.

3. Review relationships, communication, adapting to outside stress, pacing oneself during the work day, and identify key steps to implement in your wellness plan.

4. Review and summarize key concepts. Discuss how to cope humbly with the role of physician, mortality and loss especially in challenging situations such as the current pandemic. Consolidation of a personal wellness plan to design a more resilient lifestyle.

Our next group will begin in November of 2020 and will be offered virtually through a password protected online videoconferencing platform. Contact reception to inquire further and be added to the waitlist.


About The Creators

DIAMOND MD is founded by Dr. Maia Love with guidance from Dr. Michael F. Myers and Dr. Anthony Sehon, in collaboration with Dr. Soma Ganesan and Dr. Venu Karapareddy and the team at beautiful Chakra Health.

Dr. Michael F. Myers is a psychiatrist and expert in physician health with numerous published books on the subject. Dr. Anthony Sehon is a well known psychiatrist and former co-founder and director of the national CME psychiatry update for family physicians. Dr. Soma Ganesan is the former Psychiatry Director at Vancouver General Hospital with extensive experience working with physicians and other health care providers and a long term practice of mindfulness and meditation. Dr. Venu Karapareddy is an internationally trained psychiatrist originally trained in yoga and meditation in India.

Dr. Maia Love is a psychiatrist internationally certified in addiction medicine and yoga, with two degrees in biology, physics, and athletics. She founded and directed the CME accredited BrainTalks@UBC, trained in mindfulness and neuroimaging research, certified in mindfulness and yoga teacher trainings, and has won awards for her contributions to the medical community. Raised among doctors and recharged by wilderness athletics, she is deeply passionate and curious about physician health.

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