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What is a Chakra?

  1. The chakras are the 7 wheels or centers of energy within the human body that help to regulate all physiological processes.

  2. Blocked energy within or between any of the centers, or chakras, can result in mental or physical illness.

At CHAKRA Vancouver, we believe that health and wellness can only be achieved when the interventions are holistic and address all parts of the body, mind and spirit, including the chakra system.

Meditation by the sea
About Chakra Health: About

Chakra Mission

  • CHAKRA was started by a team of highly skilled and dedicated Psychiatrists to develop a one-stop service for specialist wellness and prevention, professional health, and mental health & addiction treatment.

  • CHAKRA's focus is to provide innovative, efficient and comprehensive wellness and mental health services.

  • In Vancouver's highly diverse society, we strive to provide culturally responsible/sensitive interventions that are both creative and well supported by current research.

About Chakra Health: About Me

Why Chakra

Currently, there are no services in the community for:

  • Easy access and no wait times to see a Psychiatrist, psychologist or counselors

  • Professional wellness and prevention with a multi-disciplinary team with a blend of medical science and cutting edge research

  • One-stop customized physician and executive wellness and prevention with holistic approaches to stress management

  • Intensive high end community Addiction and Mental health treatment

  • One-stop mental health and addiction service that is Multi-specialist and Multi-disciplinary

  • True Bio-Psycho-Social (Medications, rTMS and Psycho-social) with Case management

  • Tailor-made Relapse Prevention and recovery Service, with Cognitive impairment treatment or other specialist care

Our Goals Are

  • Assessments: Timely and appropriate IME & medical file reviews and second opinion clinics

  • Access: Early and easy access to various Wellness and Prevention, Psychiatric and addictions consultations and treatments

  • Treatments: MDT based treatment for Part 7 medical benefits, ongoing support and assessment for suitability for rehabilitation (both addictions and mental health), private wellness and prevention techniques, skill building, and multi-layered approaches

  • To provide innovative and creative multidisciplinary (Psychiatrist, Psychology, counsellors and allied professionals), multispecialty, diverse and culturally responsible range of health and wellness services (Including wellness and prevention, mental health promotion, prevention, consultation, assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and recovery services).

  • Collaborative work with other agencies.

Chakra Team

  • Psychiatrists – with multiple sub-specialties including:

    • Addiction psychiatry

    • Cross-Cultural Psychiatry 

    • General Adult Psychiatry

    • Mindfulness

    • Wellness and Prevention

    • Geriatric and Neuro Psychiatry

    • Intellectual disability in adults

    • Pain management specialists

  • Psychologists (includes Mandarin, Cantonese speaking)

  • Neuropsychology assessment

  • Addiction Psychologist 

  • Counselors

  • Coaches for lifestyle, wellness, energy medicine, mindfulness

About Chakra Health: Services

All About Chakras

Medical science is uncovering the measurable benefits of yoga & meditation.

As you are likely aware, mindfulness & yoga, meditation & neuroscience, are increasingly popular and desirable approaches to a successful life. Now, studies on magnetic fields of the heart & brain are revealing new approaches to mind body health and wellness. Consider, that electromagnetic physics has driven dramatic advances in technology, yet health services have not fully leveraged this area for

optimal performance and health.

Understanding the subtler aspects of the electromagnetic body has long been a part of the ancient chakra system. The chakras are also aligned with key endocrine and neurological anatomical correlates, psychological, energetic, and spirit correlates. At CHAKRA, in addition to multi-disciplinary evidence-based services, we also offer possibilities for optimal performance by combining the cutting edge research

and ancient science related to the chakra system, with the

evidence-based practice of medical science.

Our team is a collection of highly educated medical professionals with advanced training and personal practice in mindfulness, yoga, and the high performance lifestyle. With international and national certification well-grounded in western science, we offer you our unique blend of well-established medical treatment for health conditions, with a personalized approach based both in ancient chakra systems and cutting edge research to bring your health and wellness to a truly vibrant level.

About Chakra Health: About Therapy
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