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“Holistic Care Personalized to Your Specific Needs”

At CHAKRA Vancouver, we believe that health and wellness can only be achieved when the interventions are holistic and address all parts of the body, mind and spirit.

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Chakra Health


Holistic, Comprehensive, and Personalized Clinical Services

  1. Specialized services include Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counselors

  2. Wellness and Prevention Services for Professionals

  3. Focused Physician Renewal Program with Mindfulness and Stress Management

  4. Intensive Community Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

  5. A One-stop Multi-disciplinary Mental Health and Addiction Service

  6. True Bio-Psycho-Social Approach (Medications, rTMS, Psycho-social) with Case Management

  7. Tailor-Made Relapse Prevention and Recovery Service, with Cognitive Treatment available

  8. Customized Wellness and High Performance Assessment with Clear Goals & Outcome Measurement

  • Multidisciplinary staff at the center provide high quality treatment of Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorders, Stress, Substance Abuse disorders, Pain Disorders, Concurrent Disorders

  • Chakra Health offers Personalized Healthcare to cater to each individual's unique needs

  • Evidence-based Science meets Cutting Edge Research to Bring Your Wellness Next-Level

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MD led 360 degree assessment and wellness planning to enhance resilience and prevent stress and burnout.

Coaching includes wellness skill building sessions and workshops.

Wellness & Prevention


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Mental Health

  • One-stop for personalized assessment and treatment of a range of disorders including depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Phobias, ADHD, Stress, and more;  cognitive assessments, stress management, and more.

  • Biopsychosocial and Spiritual approach to Care


Concurrent Disorder

When mental health and addictions present at the same time, the treatment is much more challenging than treating only one of the two. Concurrent disorders require more expertise to provide appropriate care.

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Evidence based services are provided to treat Alcohol, Opioid, Benzodiazapine, Cocaine, Cannabis and Behavioral Addictions (Gambling and others).

We have an unique approach to successfully manage these conditions in the community using evidence based medications, psycho-social and spiritual approaches

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Psychological therapies

  • One-stop for group and individual therapies

  • DBT, CBT, Mindfullness therapies (MBSR, Relapse prevention), Motivational Therapies, Relapse Preventiona, EMDR, and various other psychological interventions


Stimulation (rTMS)

Novel ways of treating Depression, PTSD and other mental health conditions

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Wellness care

  • Our unique Dietrics 360 provides a comprehensive package of dietary support with tailor-made approaches using the latest neutrogenetics, diets and motivation therapies to achieve your goal

  • Our therapies go beyond the illness model, to develop and preserve the individual's wellness and health

Home: Features
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